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ZDF Magda’s Lentil-Noodle-Salad
with Grilled Veggies (Recipe)

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Magdas-Food-Programme-Webtalkshow 2

Webtalkshow Interview
with Nico Gutjahr

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Racism in Culinary Culture
Podcast with Roger Rekless

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Rather a smoothie or juice?
Podcast with Tarik Tesfu

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Magdas Food Programme ZDF

ZDF Magda’s Maafe

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NDR Magdas Zigni (Christmas Interview + Recipe)

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ZDF Magdas Chickpea-
Lentil Soup (Recipe)

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For the
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Alkaline Diet with
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Magda´s Food Programme

I am a trained nutritionist and with my nutritional expertise, I developed the nutrition education programme. We provide important nutritional expertise through cooking courses, cooking shows and team building events. Not only the regionality, seasonality and organic cultivation of the ingredients play an important role but also the local practicability of the dishes we prepare together. We also concentrate on teaching you as much as possible so that you can use this important knowledge on a daily basis. Popular cooking course topics are currently: vegan dishes from African countries, Mama’s East African Kitchen, Cook and Mingle for Singles, vegetarian cooking club, vegan cooking club and much more.

In addition, I have made it my mission to offer nutrition coaching specifically geared to your needs, consisting of healthy cooking and nutrition classes. Pregnant women, young mothers are equally addressed as young adults. Book your course now.

How does it work exactly?

Magda’s Food Programme offers a nutrition education course based on your problems, needs and wishes after a telephone consultation. Either a nutrition education course i.e. a cooking course with nutrition theory units takes place once a week at your facility. Or you can book a ticket for a one-time workshop on different topics.

Special emphasis is placed on the correct linking of practice with theory.  We create delicious, simple and quick recipes for which we only use carefully selected seasonal and regional ingredients. In addition to healthy nutrition, we place particular emphasis on cultural and spice knowledge.  Because knowledge about your personal nutritional behaviour is power and enables a holistic change in diet.

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What is unique about us?

dietary change

Cultivation and
Cultural and Spice Studies


Regional and seasonal
organic ingredients

What else do we offer?

Fruit seasonal calendar


Vegetable seasonal calendar



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A word from our clients

When is Magda coming? Our children were thrilled and would have loved to conjure up Magda snacks every day. The weekly meeting was a highlight for sensual experiences and has left its mark on eating preferences, which have also reached the parents. Thanks Magda.

Elke Straub | Leitung, Kinderladen Maimouna e. V.

A great workshop with a good mixture of theory and practice. Delicious, uncomplicated and imaginative recipes – which you can also prepare yourself – were cooked together. We learned: healthy things can also taste good. Thanks Magda

Beate Rohwer | Teamleitung, DEVK Schwerin

An dem Workshop fanden wir toll, neue Rezepte auszuprobieren, die wir noch gar nicht kannten, die aber trotzdem gut und einfach zuhause selber zu machen sind. Und sehr interessant war es für uns auch, andere Gewürze & Lebensmittel zu nutzen und etwas über die Herstellung bzw. Herkunft zu erfahren.

Florian & Marla, Teilnehmer des Workshops: ostafrikanische Leckerbissen

Jamaican Sea Moss Gel

It has been weeks since I started using Jamaican Seam Moss Gel and I have noticed so much change in my face!!! I feel like I have been aging backwards. I not only look better, but I also feel better, I no longer require so much time and effort to get myself out of bed :). I thought the taste would bother me but I can taste almost nothing when I mix it into my morning smoothie.

Vimbai Gowo

Jamaican Sea Moss Gel

Hi 👋🏾
The seamoss is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 nothing more, I kept feeling dizzy sometimes I thought it was the weather but yesterday I had that feeling and took the seamoss in my orange and passion juice and in 20min the feeling was gone and then I remembered since I started taking the seamoss in my smoothie that dizziness had disappeared and my daughter enjoys the beetroot she takes it every morning, she asked if I ordered since what is left is very little even mine the pure one is only a spoon left ☹️
I ordered the other day hopefully they arrive soon
Thanks again, I am 105% satisfied with the results.


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