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Magda´s Food Programme

I am trained Nutritionist and I have developed the nutritional education program with my extensive know-how in nutritional science and practical nutritional expertise. Within cooking courses, cooking shows, and team building events we impart important nutritional knowledge. Here not only the regionality, seasonality and organic cultivation of the ingredients play an important role, but also the domestic practicality of the dishes we prepare together. So we also concentrate on your learning as much as possible with us to retrieve this important knowledge as daily as possible. Popular cooking course topics at present are vegan dishes from African countries, Mama´s East African Kitchen, Cook and Mingle for Singles, vegetarian cooking club, vegan cooking club and much more.

Additionally, I have made it my mission to provide nutritional coaching and nutritional education courses oriented specifically to your necessities. My program applies to young mothers, pregnant women, and adolescents.

How does it work?

After a phone consultation about your problem, Magda´s Food Programme offers courses aimed at your specific needs. Every week we hold a course on nutrition. This is a theoretical course involving your specific subject. Emphasis is placed on the connection between practice and theory. You can also book a ticket for a one time workshop involving different topics. In addition to using carefully selected regional and seasonal ingredients, we specialize in cultural and spice training because knowledge of dietary behavior empowers a holistic dietary change.

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Wann kommt Magda ??? Unsere Kinder waren begeistert und hätten gern jeden Tag mit Magda Snacks gezaubert. ​Das wöchentliche Treffen war ein Highlight für sinnliche Erfahrungen und hat Spuren bei den Essvorlieben hinterlassen, die auch die Eltern erreicht haben. Danke, Magda.

Elke Straub | Leitung, Kinderladen Maimouna e. V.

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