For me, food is more than just a means to filling up. If a healthy and good-looking body is 80 % dependent on nutrition, then we should be more concerned with what we eat. I am often asked:” What does a proper diet look like?” My answer is:

“The diet that suits you and your lifestyle.”

Who is Magda?

Magda Tedla is a Hamburg-based nutritionist who focuses on communicating the complex details of healthy eating in a simple and delicious way.

“I am a passionate cook. I had the opportunity to learn my love for cooking, healthy food, and fresh ingredients at a very early age. By helping my mother cook intricate family meals and selecting fresh ingredients from different countries, I learned how to cook intuitively. These impactful experiences inspired me to study ecotrophology and found Magda’s Nature’s Treasures to now share my love of cooking and sustainable living with children, teens and adults. In this regard, I run an online store by selling the natural treasures (nutritional bombs) of the world, such as Jamaican Sea Moss Gel, and making them available for the German market.”

The trained ecotrophologist is also the creator of Magdas Food Programme. Since 2016, she has been conducting nutrition education and cooking courses for different target groups.

Magda’s Food Programme

Magdas Food Program is a prevention and education program developed by Magda Tedla for special nutritional coaching tailored to your needs. It consists, of cooking and nutrition courses, where she imparts important nutritional knowledge through cooking shows and team-building events.

Not only do the regionality, seasonality, and organic cultivation of the ingredients play an important role in this health-conscious offer, but also the domestic practicability of the dishes we prepare together. We also focus on teaching you as much as possible in order for you to be able to use this important knowledge on a daily basis.

Popular cooking course topics are currently: vegan dishes from African countries, vegetarian cooking club, vegan cooking club, and much more.

I would like to show you how food can change your life.

What is unique about us?

We provide important nutritional expertise within cooking courses, cooking shows, and team-building events. Not only do regionality, seasonality, and organic cultivation of ingredients play an important role, but also the local practicability of the dishes we prepare together.

The cooking classes are a mixture of consulting and interactive cooking workshops. Depending on the cooking class group, we prepare snacks, main dishes, or desserts together.

Dietary change

Cultural and
Seasoning Knowledge


Regional and seasonal
Organic Ingredients

What else do we offer?

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What our clients have to say

When is Magda coming? Our children were thrilled and would have loved to conjure up Magda snacks every day. The weekly meeting was a highlight for sensual experiences and has left its mark on eating preferences, which have also reached the parents. Thanks Magda.

Elke Straub | Leitung, Kinderladen Maimouna e. V.

A great workshop with a good mixture of theory and practice. Delicious, uncomplicated and imaginative recipes – which you can also prepare yourself – were cooked together. We learned: healthy things can also taste good. Thanks Magda

Beate Rohwer | Teamleitung, DEVK Schwerin

At the workshop we found great to try out new recipes that we did not know yet, but which are still good and easy to make at home. And it was also very interesting for us to use other spices & foods and learn something about the production or origin.

Florian & Marla, Teilnehmer des Workshops: ostafrikanische Leckerbissen