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Cooking Courses

The cooking courses are combination of consultation and an interactive cooking workshop. Together we prepare snacks, main courses and desserts depending on the group taking the cooking course.

  • Organizations, Schools, Kindergartens and Clubs

    The nutritional educational programmes are directed towards children and adolescents of all ages. My goal is to empower to them to to understand the importance of nutrional cuisine while at the same time teaching them to realising the connection between health and nutrition. Throught their experience I emphasise the importance holistic preparation of various disheswhile using the senses (seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching). Holsitic means as much seasonal and regional as possible. We also plant our own fruits and vegetables which we use in our dishes. Through this experience they learn a lot about sustainable cuisine. During the exploration of the sense, such questions come up:  Why do Apples get brown spots? Can an apple grown mold? All questions will be answered during the course.  Special focus is given to the development of our taste memory by learning to explore, understand and differentiate between flavours. With some help from “little Magda” I explain the most important lessons of the day. Nibbling is allowed!

  • Group Events Culinary Journey, Children´s Birthdays, Family Gatherings & Hen Parties

    Here you will find the irregular workshop area. The cooking workshops which are for different groups, are found in a kitchen that I rent. To learn more about these workshops, please browse the individual topics.

  • Online Consultation

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