A Detox EBook & 1 jar of Sea Moss Gel of your choice

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380 ml = approx. 14-16 Tablespoons

Join the 7 Day Sea Moss Detox Challenge.
My Detox Guide includes recipes to strengthen and gently detoxify your core, workout tips for strength and relaxation, and many other tips for a fresh start to the new season!
Rid yourself of excess weight, headaches, stomach aches, exhaustion and skin blemishes.

  • A total of 34 pages for your benefit
  • Description of the purpose of a Detox
  • An 8-point preparatory plan
  • An 8-point list of things you need to know in order to have a relaxed detox experience
  • Instructions on how to stop your hunger monster
  • All the best workout tips that will support your detox and relax the mind
  • A 7-day nutrition plan for your Moss Detoxification
  • Easy-to-read, ready-to-print shopping list
  • Delicious and healthy recipes to fuel your natural body cleanse
  • A guide on how your new life can look like

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