Magdas Food Programme

I am a trained Nutritionist and I used my extensive know-how in nutrition science, prompted me to specialize in nutrition education programs catering especially to children and youth. 12% of children and adolescents living in Germany overweight and 5,3% of them suffer from obesity. In an effort to curb this country’s problem, I founded Magdas Food Program in 2017. Additionally, I have made it my mission to provide nutrition coaching and nutritional education courses oriented specifically to your necessities. My programs apply to young mothers, pregnant women, and adolescents.

How does it work?

The nutrition educational programs are directed towards children and adolescents of all ages. My goal is to empower to them to understand the importance of nutrition cuisine while at the same time teaching them to realizing the connection between health and nutrition. Throughout their experience I emphasize the importance holistic preparation of various dishes while using the senses (seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching). Holistic means as much seasonal and regional as possible. We also plant our own fruits and vegetables which we use in our dishes. Through this experience they learn a lot about sustainable cuisine. During the exploration of the sense, such questions come up: Why do Apples get brown spots? Can an apple grown mold? All questions will be answered during the course. Special focus is given to the development of our taste memory by learning to explore, understand and differentiate between flavors. With some help from “little Magda” I explain the most important lessons of the day. Nibbling is allowed!

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What is unique about us?

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A word from our clients

When is Magda coming? Our children were thrilled and would have loved to conjure up Magda snacks every day. The weekly meeting was a highlight for sensual experiences and has left its mark on eating preferences, which have also reached the parents. Thanks Magda.

Elke Straub | Leitung, Kinderladen Maimouna e. V.