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Africa – a foreign continent has one of the last little-known culinary on the menu of the Western world. While Asia has long since entered the Western repertoire of tastes thanks to a wide variety of Asian restaurants in countries such as Vietnam, Korea, Japan, and China, the cuisine of African countries is still relatively unknown to many. Yet it has so much to offer and is not stingy with its charms. My Afro-Fusion cooking course takes you on a journey of discovery through the ingredients and preparation methods of the entire continent. For this, I have designed nutritious and local ingredients as well as spices from Africa into new recipes. The delicious fusion between the continent of Africa and the western world creates a great taste explosion that is worth seeing.


  • Berlin: All cooking classes will take place in Studio Garten B, so please pay attention to the location
  • approx. 3 hours
  • 8-10 participants

Please inform us in advance of any allergies/intolerances at the following e-mail address: