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Africa leads the world, with 54 countries covering an area of 30,370,000 km², making it the largest and most diverse continent of all. This is not only apparent when you consider the cultures, languages, and customs, but is also particularly evident in the diverse country cuisines.

Many historical events have left their traces in the national dishes. Especially in vegan cuisine, there are countless original dishes that are completely unknown in the Western world. The influence of Indian, English, Dutch and Italian occupations have left their mark, also in the respective country’s cuisine.

You have always wanted to:

  • Prepare dishes from the countries of Africa in an authentic way and do something for your health at the same time?
  • Get background information on spices?
  • Get into conversation with interesting people and get to know your favorite dishes?

If you want to learn about customs and cultural backgrounds as well as the nutritional effects of the ingredients used, then Magda Tedla is the right person for you. She has put together her favorite dishes. The following delicacies will be created together, eaten, and if something is left over, taken home :-). So don’t forget your lunchbox!

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