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Want to immerse yourself in the diverse cuisine of the African continent? Learn the basics with Magda in the workshop and advance to a professional level, so that you can enchant yourself and your acquaintances with traditional African food.

Magda gives the cooking classes on African cuisine in three different levels of difficulty so that each individual can learn at his or her own pace. From Fufu and Jollof Rice to Stews and Desserts, everyone can achieve their personal learning success. Magda also places special emphasis on bringing African culture closer to the learners, since it is an important part of African cuisine.

Magda has compiled recipes from various African countries, discusses the nutritional background with you, and shares her love of African cooking with you.

Book now to participate in the workshop according to your level.

Duration: 6pm – 9pm

  • different difficulty levels
  • 3 hour workshop (including cooking and eating)
  • Recipes and background information