Admission: 18.00 Start: 18.15 Duration 3,5 hours

Where?:  Karlson’s Rutschbahn 15a, 20146 Hamburg

Who says vegan is boring? Especially when it comes to Africa?

In this cooking course, we pay special attention to the original vegan dishes of East African countries.

With a variety of flavors and fresh ingredients, this time the tour takes us right across East Africa. Sambusa, Injera, Zebhi, Pilau, Alitscha, Gomen, Ades, Ugali are some of the dishes we will create together.

Within these workshops, I will illuminate and prepare vegan dishes, explore spices and cultural backgrounds of East African cooking. As well as give some tips and tricks for a vegan lifestyle. Cooking and taste experience guaranteed!!

Please bring containers for any remaining delicacies.

Book your ticket now and enjoy the delicious gourmet food with us.

Per course min. 8 persons, max. 15 persons
Only limited places are available.

Admission: 49€ / person

Guaranteed place only after PayPal payment receipt. Please choose a date after payment and inform us by mail.

*The course can be held in English and German. Please make a note when booking.

We reserve the right to cancel the event if there are less than 8 participants.