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Magda’s Plantain (Recipe)

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Podcast Interview
with Kabusbox

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Magdas Food Programme-Linsennudelsalat mit Grillgemüse_ZDF

ZDF Magda’s Lentil-Noodle-Salad
with Grilled Veggies (Recipe)

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Magdas-Food-Programme-Webtalkshow 2

Webtalkshow Interview
with Nico Gutjahr

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Magdas Food Programme Talk Black david Mayonga739

Racism in Culinary Culture
Podcast with Roger Rekless

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Magdas-Food-Programme-Man lernt nie aus

Rather a smoothie or juice?
Podcast with Tarik Tesfu

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Magdas Food Programme ZDF

ZDF Magda’s Maafe

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Magdas Food Programme_NDR

NDR Magdas Zigni (Christmas Interview + Recipe)

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ZDF Magdas Chickpea-
Lentil Soup (Recipe)

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